Mc Alister Ancestor Chart



I am interested in gathering and sharing Mc Alister Family information.


My family line is traced back to one "Andrew McCollister". 
Andrew moved from the Chester District of SC to Lncoln County, 
Tn. in 1830.  Andrew died about 1836.  

Andrew's children included Margaret (Abbot), William, James, Nancy (Billions)
Nathan, and Samuel.  My family ancestor is "Samuel".  I'm willing to 
share what information I have, and I'm interested in discovering more info.  
There may be a connection to the "HICKLIN" family, according to 
information in the 1850 TN census.  Do you know?

Andrew (more information - click here)


Born - circa 1790
Died - circa 1836
Spouse - Unknown

Andrew's Children....

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Andrew McCollister's ChildSpouse's Name and Marriage Date
1. Margaret (click here) William Abbot 1838
2. William (click here) Verlenia McWhirter 1847
3. James (click here) Elizabeth Ann McWhirter 1849
4. Nancy (click here) William Billions 1848
Thomas Daniel 1856
5. Nathan (click here) Catherine Scott 1851
6. Samuel (click here) Malinda Walker 1853
Sarah Daniel 1859
Mary "Sis" Colbert 1870